Mission Statement

The primary mission of Lubbock Hair Academy is to educate and train students for entry into the hair/nail industry. The primary objectives of the school are to:

  • Academically educate the student to pass the state barber licensing exam,
  • Prepare the student for a successful career by helping him/her to develop proper work habits, a professional attitude, and an increased level of self-esteem, and
  • Assist the graduate in obtaining an entry-level position or advancement in the hair/nail industry.

The mission is accomplished by offering a cognitive, performance-based, quality education that includes hands-on training and practical experiences appropriate for entry-level and advanced employment opportunities. All of the functions of this school revolve around this mission.


The Lubbock Hair Academy is located in Lubbock, Texas at 2844-34th Street. The building contains approximately 4,800 square feet. The facility consists of two offices, four restrooms, a classroom, a dressing room, lounge area, utility room, and two clinical floor areas. One clinical floor area is equipped with twenty-five stations for student barbers. Each student station has a custom-designed cabinet, sink, and personal vanity. The second area includes an Interactive Smartboard, charts, desks, and a library with an online computer available for student-use during school hours. All areas are provided with central air-conditioning and heating. An air purifier is also provided in the nail technician area. All areas have substantial space and lighting.


Lubbock Barber College was established by L. J. Blayock in June of 1955 and was later sold to Bob Gage and Dave Loyd. Since 1978, James Vivial has owned the institution. Philip Vivial joined as co-owner in 1999 and is now the owner. The name of the institution was changed in 1994 from Lubbock Barber College to Lubbock Hair Academy. The school has been in the same location since its establishment in 1955.


The Lubbock Hair Academy is licensed by the Texas Department of License and Registration (TDLR).